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Five Predictions About the Greek Elections

Published: Balkan Insight

Ahead of Sunday’s polls in Greece, a number of things look fairly safe bets when it comes to the outcome – including that Alexis Tsipras won’t be the prime minister any longer.
Election results are hard to call ahead of time in any country, but a number of predictions about the Greek elections this Sunday can be made with a fair degree of confidence (…) Read full article.

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A historic deal achieved by the centre-left

Published: State of the Left

In Greece things are even more complicated, since the deal does not merely meet objections on the right, it is also divides the centre left. The heirs of the traditional centre-left parties have forged a broad coalition, Kinima Allagis (Movement for Change), to counter the populist stance of Tsipras. The official position of this coalition is to oppose the deal. However, former prime minister George Papandreou, leader of a small party within the coalition, is in favour, as is Stavros Theodorakis, leader of the centrist party, Potami.

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Macedonia name dispute: Problem solved?

Published: LSE Politics&Policy blog

The long-running disagreement over what to call ‘the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ (FYROM) has been an entirely insignificant one. The country has co-existed harmoniously with its neighbour Greece for a quarter of a century, and no territorial or national minority conflict has clouded their relations. The issue of what to call the country has also been resolved in practice: the whole world refers to it as ‘Macedonia’ and will continue to do so regardless of the new name (Republic of North Macedonia) contained in the new agreement (…) Full Article