Greece is still struggling to cope with the refugee crisis

Published: Independent

Refugee flows to Greece, one of migrants’ and refugees’ most important points of entry into Europe, have risen by 200% in the last five months, mainly due to conditions in Syria and the Turkish government’s efforts to relocate refugees away from Istanbul. But for years, Greece has been unable to manage effectively its migration problem, and the country is still far from able to accommodate this sharp increase, even if it is much smaller than the dramatic uptick in 2015 (…) Read Full Article.


Πώς οι λαϊκιστές ηγέτες σε Ελλάδα και Βρετανία εκμεταλλεύτηκαν τον ευρωσκεπτικισμό

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«Ο ελληνικός και ο βρετανικός ευρωσκεπτικισμός διαφέρουν ως προς την αφετηρία και την τελική τους στόχευση, αλλά ο τρόπος με τον οποίο συνδέθηκαν με τον λαϊκισμό είναι εντυπωσιακά όμοιος» αναφέρει στο βιβλίο ο πολιτικός αναλυτής. Ο ίδιος επιχειρεί να φωτίσει το Brexit από τη σκοπιά των Βρετανών, έχοντας ως σημείο αναφοράς όλα όσα προηγήθηκαν το 2015 με το αντίστοιχο ελληνικό δημοψήφισμα (…) Συνέχεια

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Boris Johnson will be the Alexis Tsipras of 2019. Here’s why

Published: The Independent

Even though Boris Johnson enjoys reciting the ancient Greek tragic poets from memory, he is increasingly sounding like the Greek prime minister in 2015, Alexis Tsipras. As newly elected leaders, both politicians questioned their predecessors’ deals with the European Union and resorted to populism in an attempt to avoid an unpleasant compromise and a looming ultimatum (…) Read full article

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Brexit vs Grexit: The six stages of losing to the EU

Published: EUobserver

Both countries decided at some point that they could continue their relationship with Europe but without being bound by the rules that applied for everyone else. Indeed, they thought that an exception in their case could be enforced promptly and easily. “We will cancel the memorandum with a one-article law”, Tsipras said in 2012. In 2017 Liam Fox, the British minister for international trade, was making a similar assumption when he described the free trade agreement with the EU as “one of the easiest in human history” (…) Read full article